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Testimonials You Can’t Fake


Joanna Martorana | The People’s Coach

I love working with Joanna, she’s a driven, straight talking, grounded, caring business person and human.
I help her automate her business, so she can scale, without giving up every hour of her life.


Kate Astrakhan | Podcast Producer

Kate is a top radio and podcast pro based in the USA. She leads a team of 18 producers who deliver over 1600 podcast episodes each month. I help her with her message. She helps me deliver podcast production to my clients.


Dan Radin | CEO AuxBus (was Podcraft) LLC

I worked with Dan in 2018 as his marketing, web, people person. Specifically helping him with messaging, web strategy, sales tactics. He attracted significant investment as a result!


Mark J. Silverman

I rebuilt Mark’s website and helped him to position his podcast. Now I help him leverage his assets!

Howard Cooper | Rapid Change Works

I met Howard on a tractor ride at a kids birthday party. He told me he had a podcast. In truth, he had some recordings on a hard drive. We worked together and turned those recordings into podcasts, and now Howard is heard regularly, is recognised globally and generates income from events.


James Eager | eBassGuitar.com

I’ve worked with James for a long time as a musician. He came to me for context and a complete solution for a new venture, because he doesn’t have enough hours in the day.
Sound familiar?


Shelley & Rick Coates | Studio 34 Music

Shelley and Rick have successful careers as freelance musicians. Since becoming parents they’ve been searching for the right business idea to focus energy in down time. I helped them create an umbrella website and each of them to focus on one thing they had complete control of.